About Us

Our cakes are designed to your event’s theme and specific taste. When you tell us about your cake ideas, we transform your vision into a beautiful cake.


Welcome all cake lovers

My name is Esther and I am a cake decorator and the founder of Estherfairs.  I started as a chef and worked my way up through some of London’s most prestigious restaurants.  However, I decided that my true passion was making cakes; and in particular cake decorating.

What made me love cake decorating?

It is the challenge of starting with a blank canvas, in this case a cake; and using my imagination to transform the cake into something that not only will be beautiful to look at but equally beautiful to eat.

Our Sweet History

Our cakes are designed for our clients to have an experience that takes them on an exciting journey. From the moment they pick up their cake to the moment they take last bite.


What made me love cake decorating

I hated making cakes at school. Always ran from pastry classes. I guess, God found me an outlet to bring my imagination to life and have an outlet to transform what I am thinking and share it with other cake lovers. I feel that sky is the limit, on how far you can go with the designs and flavours of cakes. The experience and the love people feel when their cake(s), take’s them on an exciting journey. From the moment the client sees their cake, to the moment they take the last bite. It’s that simple.

11, February